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The deal for 30 Predator drones with the US is almost certain, the first such deal for the US with a non-NATO country

New Delhi/Washington : Talks are in the final stages of the US selling 30 Predator armed drones to India. Its estimated cost is three billion dollars. Many sources have confirmed this. This is the first time the US is selling these drones to a non-NATO ally. This major defense deal was announced under the erstwhile Donald Trump administration during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US in 2017. After this, both the countries intensified talks on this and increased the number of such drones sold to India from 10 to 30. Each of these 10 drones will be given to the Navy, Air Force and Army.

Government sources said that the talks between India and the US government on the Predator/MQ9B procurement program for 30 aircraft are in the final stages. “It is this ability to maintain the status of a major defense partner that has been worked upon over the years through various foundational agreements and India’s involvement in the MTCR,” sources said. India will be the first non-NATO partner to achieve this capability. These modern drones have no match in the defense industry. These will be manufactured by General Atomics.

The MQ-9B drone can fly for 48 hours continuously. It can also carry a weight of up to 1700 kg at a time. Firing can also be done with this. With this, the Indian Army will be able to better monitor Chinese warships in the South Indian Ocean.


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