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The difficulties of the Jharkhand government are not ending, now the sword hangs on the legislature of the CM’s brother Basant Soren

Jharkhand Politics: The problems of the Jharkhand government are not taking the name of ending. After the cloud of danger looming over the legislature of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, now it is his brother’s turn. However, Hemant Soren has categorically refused to resign. Basant Soren is the JMM MLA from Dumka as well as the brother of Chief Minister Hemant Soren. On Friday evening, the Election Commission sent its opinion to the Governor of Jharkhand on the matter of canceling his legislature.

According to media reports, the Election Department has not got enough facts regarding the allegations of Basant Soren being a partner in the mining company. For this reason, the Commission has left the decision to the discretion of the Governor. On August 29, the last hearing of Basant Soren’s case was held in the Election Department (EC). Now all eyes are on the Raj Bhavan.

What did Basant’s lawyer say?

Basant Soren’s lawyer, while presenting his point before the commission, said that the hearing in this matter related to the cancellation of the assembly membership of Basant Soren is not proper. It does not come under the jurisdiction of the Governor. During this, BJP’s advocate had told that the mining company with which Basant is associated, he does mining work in the state. In such a situation, it comes under the jurisdiction of the Governor under Article 191 (1) of the Constitution.

BJP had alleged

The BJP had written a letter to the Governor alleging that Basant Soren was a partner in Chandra Stone Works. He also has a stake in a mining company. On which the government has 8 crore rupees left. The Governor had sought the opinion of the Election Department on this matter. The BJP had raised the demand to cancel Basant’s assembly membership under Section 9A of the State Representation of the People Act, 1951.

Political instability continues in the state. JMM has accused the BJP of buying their MLAs, after which JMM has sent 32 of its MLAs to the Congress-ruled state of Chhattisgarh.

JMM’s counterattack

JMM wrote a letter to the Governor saying that some things have been leaked by your (Governor’s) office on this issue. Due to which a state of chaos, confusion and uncertainty has arisen in the state, which affects the smooth running of the administration and governance of the state. Attacking the BJP in its letter, JMM said that it is completely unconstitutional to destabilize or topple the elected government of the state. He also said that even if there is any disqualification of the Chief Minister, the JMM government will not face any problem in running the government. On the other hand, BJP has dissolved the state assembly and demanded intermediate elections in the state.




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