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The effect of the Lucknow scandal was visible, Pitbull was getting away from the owners’ fascination; doing this work in the dark of night


After the pitbull dog case in Lucknow, now people are afraid to keep their pet in the house.
Its effect is also being seen in Delhi-NCR.
Owners are now leaving their pitbulls outside the NGO in Noida.

New Delhi: In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the way Pitbull dog brutally thrashed his elderly mistress to death last month, its effect is now visible everywhere. Many pitbull dog owners in Delhi-NCR are ‘abandoning’ their pets after the news of the Pitbull dog attack case in Lucknow surfaced. Some owners are leaving the pitbull dog at the gate of the dog care organization in the dark of night.

The impact of the Lucknow pitbull attack case can be gauged from the fact that in the last two months, at least five to six pitbull dogs were abandoned by their owners outside the NGO named House of Stray Animals in Noida. Went. The founder of the organization, Sanjay Mohapatra gave this information.

He said that he has received at least 200 phone calls from owners of pitbull dogs from across the country, especially after the Lucknow incident, in which a pitbull attacked an 82-year-old mistress in the house and the woman was killed in the attack. Went. However, after this the dog was kept under observation by the municipal team for 14 days and after that it was handed over to someone else.

Sanjay Mohapatra said, ‘People are leaving their pitbull dogs tied on the pillars and gates of our NGO at midnight. We have received at least 200 calls from owners who are afraid to keep their pitbulls at home. He said leaving the pitbull on the streets would not solve the problem. Instead, this breed should be ‘trained’, he said.

He said that leaving pitbull dogs on the streets would be even more dangerous. Why can’t owners train these dogs? He says that this is because such owners do not see these pets as a responsibility, but they see it as an addition to the house. He said that his NGO is running an awareness campaign to ensure that people do not leave pitbull dogs.

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