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The fate of Bansal was open to the Gandhi family from Gehlot’s straw? Congress treasurer took the nomination form for president election

New Delhi: There is no account of how a mistake by the Gandhi family in sensing the mood of Ashok Gehlot has caused trouble not only for him but for the entire Congress party. The Gandhi family has suffered such a setback from their very close ones when they were preparing for a separate coronation. The Gandhi family’s insistence on bringing Gehlot out of Rajasthan to the center has shown him a day that no one could have imagined till Sunday evening. Now the big question in front of him is that after handing over the command of Congress, in whose hands? There is a saying that sneezing is broken by the fate of the cat. The Gandhi family sees someone else’s luck opening up from Gehlot’s guts.

Taking the nomination form, Bansal said, I will not contest elections
Today is the fourth day for filing nominations for the post of Congress President. Not a single nomination has been registered so far. However, apart from Shashi Tharoor, the status of one other leader who has taken the nomination forms suggests that the Gandhi family is going to bet on him after getting cheated by Gehlot. His name is Pawan Bansal. Bansal is considered very close to the Gandhi family. He is the treasurer of the Congress party. However, Bansal says that he will not contest for the post of Congress President. Then why take two forms? On this question, say that for the position of fielding a common candidate.

Bansal took the form without the consent of the Gandhi family?
On the other hand, Shashi Tharoor has announced that he will contest for the post of Congress President. He has also told that on the last day of nomination on 30th September, he will submit his form at 11 am. He has taken five forms. That is, he is going to register his nomination in five different sets. As mentioned, Pawan Bansal has taken two forms. Due to his closeness to the Gandhi family, it is believed that he does not take the nomination papers without the behest of Sonia Gandhi. If he has taken the pamphlets, then the Gandhi family somewhere is considering his name or has already done it. If so, it means that the Gandhi family has withdrawn their dice thrown at Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Still three more days to enroll

In all, it is the fourth day of nominations and so far two people have taken their papers. There are three more days left. If all went well, it was being said that Ashok Gehlot was going to file his nomination on September 28. But after the dramatic developments in Jaipur, it is believed that Gehlot will no longer contest for the post of Congress President. Congress’s organization election chief Madhusudan Mistry says that till now he does not have any update regarding this nor has anyone contacted him.

Mistry said – whoever asks, will give the form

He told that apart from Tharoor, Pawan Bansal has also taken forms. Mistry told the media, ‘We gave them the forms and also gave them the voter list. In which state the number of delegates is there, it is all there. Gave him an ID card too. He gave full details of the election process. We are sitting here, whoever comes to collect the form, we will give it to them.



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