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The first wife died, the second eloped with a relative and the third was murdered, read the story of this husband

Sanjay Sinha

When a sensational case of third wife being murdered under conspiracy for dowry in Aurangabad, Bihar came to the fore, the secret of her three marriages came to the fore one by one. This case pertains to Sheikhpura village under Uphara police station area. Here Subelal Paswan had three marriages, in which the first wife was killed, while the second eloped with a relative and husband Subelal has been accused of killing the third wife.

The relatives of the third wife Chandravati Devi have made this allegation. The mother of Chandravati, who died, has filed a case in Upha police station, in which Subelal has been accused of killing Chandravati for dowry. After registering the case, the police has started investigating the matter. Station Officer Manoj Kumar told that on the basis of the statement of Kusmi Devi, wife of Bhagwan Dayal Paswan, a resident of Janpur village of Sigodi police station area of ​​Patna district, a case has been registered and efforts are on to arrest the accused.

Significantly, Subelal’s first marriage took place in 2002 with Lalti, daughter of Gaya Paswan, a resident of Pundaul village of Goh police station area, who died in 2004. People call his death a murder by tongue. On the other hand, the second marriage took place with Mamta, daughter of Jalendra Paswan, a resident of Teyap village in Goh. After several months of marriage, he took Mamta to Daman, where he started working in a private company and kept Mamta there. There too, he often used to fight with Mamta. As a result Mamta eloped with one of her relatives.

After this, Subelal married Chandravati for the third time in 2018, in which dowry was also given according to his ability. But the dowry greedy husband killed her and burnt the dead body with the intention of hiding the evidence. Now the police is investigating the matter. On the other hand, people say that if the investigation of the third wife’s murder is done properly, then the secret of Subelal’s dowry conspiracy can be revealed.

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