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The foundation of the ban was laid only after the disclosure of the conspiracy of the blast in PM Modi’s rally, what is the PFI, what are the allegations, read the full horoscope

New Delhi : The Central Government has finally banned Popular Front of India for 5 years. He is facing charges of terrorist and subversive activities, hawala trade, riots, hurting communal harmony and conspiracy to kill celebrities. By the way, the background of the PFI ban was prepared only two months ago when PM Modi’s nefarious conspiracy to blast at Patna rally in July was exposed. Since then the screws of the agencies had intensified on him. On September 22 this month, when the National Investigation and the ED, along with the state police, launched the biggest operation ‘Operation Octopus’ across the country against the PFI. Raids were conducted on PFI leaders and offices in 15 states. On 27 September ‘Operation Octopus’ 2 was carried out. Let us understand in detail what is PFI, why it was banned, since when was the preparation going on.

What is PFI
Popular Front of India (PFI) claims to be an organization fighting for the rights of minorities, Dalits and marginalized population. The PFI was born on February 17, 2007, from the merger of three Muslim organizations from South India. In fact, after the Babri demolition, some former SIMI members formed the National Development Front (NDF) in 1993. The PFI came into existence in 2006 with the merger of the NDF and some other Muslim organisations. These included Manita Neeti Pasarai of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Forum of Dignity, active in Karnataka, Citizens Forum of Goa, Community and Social Education Society based in Rajasthan and Civil Rights Protection Committee of Andhra Pradesh. The merger was decided in the year 2006 in Kozhikode, Kerala and was also headquartered there. Later the organization shifted its headquarters to Delhi. Oma Salam is the National President of PFI.

Delhi riots, hijab controversy, several allegations including cutting off professor’s hand
In Uttar Pradesh, the investigating agencies had alleged that the PFI hatched a conspiracy to spread caste violence in Hathras. In the year 2020, the name of PFI came in the violence against the Citizenship Act (CAA). The involvement of this organization in the communal violence in Bengaluru was also revealed. Hijab controversy was created in Karnataka on the behest of PFI and then an attempt was made to give it the form of a movement. Its student wing Campus Front of India was behind this. According to the evidence found by the agencies, PFI and its cadres have repeatedly indulged in violent and subversive activities. These include cutting off the hand of a college professor, brutally killing people affiliated with organizations following other religions, obtaining explosives to target prominent people and places, damaging public property, etc.

Most of its members had joined PFI after the ban on SIMI.
PFI claims to have its roots in 23 states of the country. Although it was most active in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, but now it has a presence in about two dozen states. It has created a strong organizational structure in 12 states. PFI is very strong in Kerala. Congress has been vehemently opposed to the decisions of BJP and JDS. In Kerala, the PFI has been accused of murder, rioting, intimidation and links to terrorist organizations. The then Congress government led by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy told the Kerala High Court in 2012 that SIMI had revived as a PFI. Two years later, in a second affidavit, the state government told the High Court that the hidden agenda of the PFI was to Islamize India.

The aim was to make India a Muslim country by 2047?
PFI itself never contests elections. He makes inroads among the Muslim community through his socio-religious works. In 2009, PFI formed its political wing named Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). This organization dreams of changing the power in the country by bringing together the Muslim and Dalit community. In July this year, suspects of Popular Front of India were arrested from Patna. Among the documents recovered from him at that time was also a PFI booklet named ‘India 2047’ which had a ‘terror blueprint’ to make India a Muslim country by 2047.

The countdown to the ban had started after the conspiracy of the blast at PM Modi’s rally was exposed.
The Popular Front of India hatched a conspiracy two months ago to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Preparations were made for the blast at his Patna rally on 12 July. For this, the Terror Module of PFI was engaged in collecting dangerous weapons and explosives. Even a training camp was organized to attack PM Modi’s rally. These sensational claims were made by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). According to the ED, the PFI was also preparing to attack sensitive places and celebrities in UP simultaneously. The ED made a very sensational claim in the remand note of PFI member Shafiq Payeth, who was arrested from Kerala on September 21 during ‘Operation Octopus’. The agency said the PFI had also set up training camps for the purpose of attack during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Patna on July 12 this year. The special thing is that in October 2013, there was a terrorist attack in the election rally of Narendra Modi at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. Then jihadi terrorists belonging to Indian Mujahideen had exploded the rally.

PFI raised Rs 120 crore to carry out nefarious designs
The PFI has raised Rs 120 crore in the last few years just because it can carry out riots and terrorist activities across the country. The majority of this fund is in cash. ED has full details of this. More than 100 people associated with the organization were arrested during the biggest operation conducted by the National Investigation Agency and the ED against the PFI on Thursday in the country. Raids were conducted at PFI offices and their leaders’ locations at 93 places in 15 states. The local police were also involved in the action.

Fund was used by PFI in the Delhi riots of 2020!
The ED has claimed that in the last few years, the PFI has raised more than Rs 120 crore from the country and abroad. Illegal activities are being carried out with this fund. The funds were also used in the Delhi riots of February 2020, the visits of PFI leaders in Hathras in UP in September that year with the intention of hurting communal harmony. Apart from this, this fund was also used in mobilizing dangerous weapons and explosives for conspiracies to incite riots and spread terror in places across the country, conspiracy to simultaneously attack sensitive places and important persons in UP.

There was also a plan to attack sensitive places and celebrities in UP simultaneously
The ED has accused the PFI of “criminal conspiracy and activities endangering the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country”. During the investigation, all the bank accounts of PFI and its members were analyzed and the statements of the accused were recorded.

In 2017 itself, NIA had prepared the complete horoscope of PFI
The NIA had prepared a detailed dossier in 2017 itself about the dangerous designs of the PFI. Such information and evidence was received that the leaders of PFI are involved in terror funding and terrorist activities. They are running training camps to use weapons and instigating youth to join banned organizations by making them fanatics. It was only after this that the NIA launched a massive raid and arrest campaign against the PFI leaders.

PFI had prepared a multi-front strategy for Taliban brand Islam
In the dossier prepared by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in 2017 on PFI, it has been said that its purpose is to implement ‘Taliban Marka Islam’. He has a squad of bomb making experts. According to the NIA, the PFI is proceeding on a multi-front strategy aimed at communalising the country’s politics and the Taliban brand Islam. Its aim is to eliminate the mainstream Muslim organizations from the collective consciousness of the community. He wants to increase the feeling of division in the society. According to the dossier, the PFI has prepared an army of trained volunteers who can carry out its operations if required.

In the dossier, the NIA had alleged that the PFI was promoting religious fanaticism among Muslims. She is promoting ‘Dawah’ through her cadre. Through organizations like Satyasarini or Markjul Hidaya Educational and Charitable Trust, it is promoting bigotry. There have also been allegations of forced conversion on Satyasarini. It also had a role in the well-known Akhila Ashokan aka Hadiya case.



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