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The hobby of eating ice cream in winter can be expensive! Know its disadvantages from dietician

Winter Ice Cream Side Effects: You must have often seen people eating ice cream at weddings and other functions during the winter season. In this season also, a large number of people like to eat ice cream. Eating ice cream in winter has its own fun and everyone from kids to elders enjoy ice cream a lot. However, the craze for ice cream in winter can take a toll on health. Yes, you must be surprised to hear, but this is absolutely correct. Eating ice cream in this season can make you a victim of many problems. Today we will know from the dietician that what problems can people face by eating ice cream.

Ice cream can cause these problems

of Noida Dietician Kamini Sinha, Founder, Diet Mantra According to this, ice cream should be eaten at least in winter. Eating more ice cream in this season can cause problems of cold and cough. People who are suffering from sinus or throat problems should not eat ice cream at all. These problems can be triggered by ice cream. Ice cream can prove to be most harmful for people and children with week immunity. Such people come in the grip of cold very quickly. They need to take special care. Apart from this, diabetic patients should also not eat ice cream, otherwise the sugar level may increase.

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How can ice cream cause harm?

Kamini Sinha says that in winter the metabolism of our body slows down and the physical activity of the people decreases. In such a situation, taking high calories can cause problems. The amount of calories in ice cream is high, which cannot be considered beneficial for our health. Excessive consumption of ice cream can increase weight. If you are allergic to cold, then distance should be made from ice cream. Eating ice cream at night is more harmful. You can eat ice cream in the afternoon or evening. Some people’s body is of such a type that ice cream does not prove to be harmful for them, while for some it can be dangerous.

What to do if ice cream catches a cold?

According to the dietician, if you get cold or cough after eating ice cream, then there is no need to panic. To get relief from this problem, drink lukewarm water and ginger tea. Apart from this, include hot things in your diet. To strengthen your immunity, eat things like Amla, Orange and Guava. This will improve your immunity and you will get relief from many problems including seasonal flu.

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