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The lover took the girlfriend away, mistaking the forest workers as policemen and jumped into the canal due to fear, death


Incident in Khajuwala area of ​​Bikaner
The body of a young man who jumped in the canal was found after two days
The girl’s family has filed a case against the young man

Bikaner. A strange incident has come to light in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Here a young man took away the minor girl. When he was taking the girl, he saw forest department employees in uniform. Seeing his uniform, the young man understood that the policemen had come. Thinking of this, he hurriedly jumped into the canal located nearby. The forest workers ran to the canal but they could not find the young man. The youth died due to drowning in the canal. Two days later, on Monday, the body of the youth was recovered from the canal. The police handed over the body to his family members after post-mortem.

According to the police, the youth Rajkumar Jat was a resident of Ramsara village of Mahajan police station area of ​​Bikaner. He recently took away a minor girl from a village in Jaitsar police station area by a pickup vehicle. Three days ago, Rajkumar and a minor girl were passing in a pickup near RD 675 of Indira Gandhi Canal. Meanwhile, there were forest department employees patrolling in uniform. Seeing these forest workers wearing khaki uniforms, Rajkumar mistook them as policemen. This frightened him.

SDRF team kept searching for the young man for two days
The prince jumped into the canal leaving the girl and the pickup there in fear. Seeing her jumping into the canal, the forest workers rushed there and asked the girl about her. When the girl told the whole thing, the forest workers tried to save the prince but he could not be seen. After that he informed the police. The police reached the spot and took the girl under their protection and informed the SDRF. The SDRF team kept searching for him for two days but no trace of him could be found.

Rajkumar’s body found floating near Amarpura
On Monday, Rajkumar’s body was found floating near RD770 Amarpura of Indira Gandhi Canal located in Chattargarh area. On this he was thrown out. On this information, SHO Jaykumar Bhadu also reached the spot. After this, information was given to Mahajan police. The police have handed over the dead body to the relatives after conducting a post-mortem of the dead body from the medical board. On the other hand, the family members of the girl have also registered a case against Rajkumar in Jaitsar police station for escaping the minor.

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