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The MPs together surrounded the young man who entered the Lok Sabha, then kicked and punched him fiercely; VIDEO surfaced

Image Source : INDIA TV
The MPs together beat up both the youths.

New Delhi: Today is the anniversary of the Parliament attack and what happened in the Lok Sabha inside the new Parliament today is not a lapse in security but a big breach. To create even more sensation, two people jumped from the visitor’s gallery during the ongoing proceedings of the House and released colored smoke which stunned everyone. Such pictures had never been seen inside the House before, which is why this incident troubled everyone. The question is how the planning of a few people penetrated the impenetrable security. What was the real motive of the four accused who have been detained, at present the investigation of the entire case is going on. Security agencies have started efforts to get to the bottom of this matter.

MPs surrounded both the youths

As soon as two youths jumped from the visitor’s gallery amidst the ongoing proceedings of the House, all the MPs were stunned. One of them climbed on the table among the MPs and started running here and there. At the same time, some MPs showed courage and around ten MPs together surrounded that person. He had no place to escape and was caught. The MPs caught both the youths and then beat them badly. After this, when the security personnel caught him, they also washed him thoroughly.

Video going viral regarding Parliament security lapse

In the video of the proceedings of the Lok Sabha, it can be seen that both the accused were moving from one bench to the other. While running, a person took out a spray from his shoe, yellow smoke started coming out from the spray. Both the youths had tear gas canisters in their hands. The person who reached among the MPs in the Lok Sabha also sprayed color smoke due to which there was smoke inside the House. Rahul Gandhi was also there where there was smoke. All the MPs were surprised by the spray. The matter of relief was that the smoke coming out of the spray was not dangerous otherwise the MPs could have been harmed.

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What is the connection between the four people who created ruckus in Parliament?

However, the security personnel have caught these two people and they are also being interrogated. Both of them have been identified as Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma. Two people named Amol and Neelam have been arrested from outside the Parliament. In such a situation, the biggest question is what is the connection between these four? According to sources, all four people (Manoranjan, Sagar Sharma, Amol and Neelam) are Facebook friends. He told the police that he wanted to do something big. These people had torn the shoe and hidden the spray in it.

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