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‘The news of brother’s death is just a rumour’, Chhota Shakeel’s big revelation about Dawood Ibrahim

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Chhota Shakeel made a claim about Dawood Ibrahim

Delhi: The news of Dawood Ibrahim being poisoned made headlines on Monday, although it has not been confirmed whether Dawood was really ill or hospitalized. Amidst these reports, his close aide Chhota Shakeel told news agency Times of India on Monday, “The rumors of brother’s death are baseless. He is 1,000% fit.” After the discussion about poisoning of fugitive underworld don and ISI leader Dawood Ibrahim, news of Dawood’s death kept circulating on social media platforms including Pakistan. Chhota Shakeel said these are “rumors spread from time to time with mischievous intentions.”

Internet remained closed in Pakistan

Late on Sunday night, the rumors of internet shutdown in Pakistan got further impetus in which it was said that Dawood Ibrahim’s health has deteriorated and he has been admitted to the hospital. Chhota Shakeel, who oversees the criminal operations of Dawood’s entire gang and the global operations of D-Company, claimed that when he visited him in Pakistan, he found his ‘brother’ in good condition. Intelligence sources here have ruled out the possibility of Dawood Ibrahim being poisoned, noting that he remains under round-the-clock security cover, which apart from his own trusted men, also includes agents of Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency ISI. , which it uses as weapons of jihadi terror.

ISI takes special care of Dawood

A source said the ISI needs to take care of Dawood’s well-being as he is now also on the radar of the US which had played a key role in designating him as an international terrorist. The possibility of recent hospitalization at a military base has not been ruled out. This also gave rise to speculations about Dawood’s medical condition.

Sources said Pakistan’s intelligence agencies are conscious of more ‘hits’ on his properties ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and the need to emphasize his ‘radical nationalist’ credentials to ‘rule in Delhi’. Interestingly, social media posts on Dawood’s “critical medical condition” came with claims of the house arrest of Javed Miandad, a close relative of Pakistani cricket legend and underworld don.

Pakistan has given shelter to Dawood

Pakistan has sheltered Dawood, the mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, but denies his presence on its territory. The Indian intelligence establishment had confirmed his and Shakeel’s presence in Karachi’s posh Clifton area, but Pakistan has consistently refused to grant them asylum. This time too Pakistani officials remained silent on the rumours. A charge sheet recently filed by the National Investigation Agency states that Dawood has a second wife, Maizabeen, along with three daughters, Marukh (married to Miandad’s son Junaid), Mehreen (married) and Maziya (unmarried), and a son. Mohin Nawaz is (married).

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