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The only son, used to sprinkle his life … then what happened that the parents gave him a betel nut of 8 lakhs to get him killed

Hyderabad: In Khammam district of Telangana, the parents got so fed up with their son that they got him killed by giving him a betel nut. According to the parents, the son was unemployed and an alcoholic and used to harass them every day, due to which they were upset. According to information received from the police, the principal of a government school and his wife allegedly gave eight lakh rupees to the killers and gave them a contract to kill their only son. Kshatriya Ram Singh and Rani Bai were arrested along with four of the five alleged killers and sent to judicial custody. All of them are accused of killing 26-year-old Sai Ram. On October 18, the youth was strangled to death. After which the body was recovered a day later by the police from Suryapet. Police say that one of the alleged killers is absconding, who will be arrested soon.

Police got a hint from the car used in the murder
In the murder case of the youth, when the police checked the CCTV footage, the car used was found. The same car took the police to the couple. At the same time, the suspicion of the police deepened because they had not filed a missing complaint of the car. It was later learned that the same car was used when the parents reached the post-mortem house on October 25 to identify the son’s body. Ram Singh is the headmaster of a government gurukul in Maripeda Bangla village. While the couple’s daughter lives in America. Police said that Sai Ram used to abuse and beat up his parents for refusing to pay money for liquor. The family members said that they had sent her to a rehabilitation center in Hyderabad, but it did not help.

The uncle of the deceased youth created a game of murder
According to Huzurabad Circle Inspector Ram Linga Reddy, the couple sought help from Rani Bai’s brother Satyanarayana to kill their son. Satyanarayana enlisted R Ravi, D Dharma, P Nagaraju, D Sai and B Rambabu to carry out the murder. Police said the couple paid Rs 1.5 lakh in advance and agreed to pay the remaining Rs 6.5 lakh three days after the murder. On 18 October, Satyanarayana and Ravi Sai took Ram in a family car to a temple in Kallepalli. There he met other accused. Inspector Reddy said, “Everyone was drunk and Sai Ram was strangled with a rope after he got drunk.”



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