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The parasite that controls the brain of dead and hollow insects was found, watch video

You must have seen zombies in movies, but would you believe if we say that something similar happens in real life as well? Seeing the video posted on the social media of an Indian Forest Service officer, you will also believe it and you will also get to see the living proof of it. IFS Dr. Samrat Gowda has shared a video on his Twitter handle on Tuesday, 18 October.

In this video a dead hollow worm is seen moving. Seeing this, you will feel as if a zombie is running, but it is not a zombie but a parasite. This neuro parasite has controlled the mind of the dead worm and forced it to walk. This video of IFS Gowda is becoming very viral on social media. This video has been viewed more than 10 lakh times so far.

when the dead worm started moving

Nature is full of many such mysteries, about which humans may never be fully aware. Many times nature brings such scenes to the fore that human beings are surprised. A video shared on Twitter of Samrat Gowda, an officer of the Indian Forest Service, is presenting a similar view. People are very much liking this video.

latest video

Presented on October 18, this video has been retweeted by more than 6 thousand people so far, it has got 27 thousand likes. 735 people have commented on this video. On this some people are also asking the question whether humans also have this possibility. IFS Gowda wrote in a tweet, “Did you know? According to scientists a neuro parasite has taken control of the brain of this dead insect and it is running…zombie.” In this video, a completely hollow dead worm can be seen walking on green grass.

What is neuro parasite

A National Geographic report suggests that there are some parasites that control their brains as soon as they attack a host. They have so much power that they force even the corpse to walk. Similar parasites make the fantasy of a corpse walk. The report, published in National Geographic magazine’s magazine titled Mindsuckers, says that these brain-controlling parasites manipulate their hosts to such a large scale that they act in a self-destructive manner.

This kind of parasite benefits. “Some parasites can change their host’s behavior in ways that give the parasite a better home, or more nutrients, or send the host to a different environment,” said biologist Janice Moore of Colorado State University in Fort Collins. become the reason.”

He says that this strategy of such parasites seems to be working. He continued, “A parasite that can change the behavior of its host, and in doing so helps it to advance itself, is going to be on the side of the natural. I can help.” Scientists have also detected 5 such parasites.

Study of parasites Neuro-parasitology

Neuro-parasitology is an emerging branch of science. It is related to such parasites that can control the nervous system of the host. This branch of science tries to learn how a species (parasite) affects a particular neural network. Modifying it and changing the specific behavior of the other species (host).

The way such parasites interact with their hosts has evolved over millions of years of evolution. In a way, it is a unique weapon in the hands of humans that helps to find out how neuromodulation controls more or less specific behaviours. Neuromodulation is a technique affecting the neural interface. In simple words, to find out the changes in behavior due to the effect on the nervous system.

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