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The people of Banka will now have to loose their pockets for drinking water, the city council has set 3 slabs..

Abhishek Kumar

Dandy. The Bihar government is running the Nal Jal Yojana under the Saat Nischay Yojana. Under this, tap water is being supplied to every house. Till now, under this scheme, the people of Banka city were getting water for free, but now people will have to pay its bill every month. Municipal Council Executive Officer Dinanath Singh said that instructions have been received from the department in this regard. Now water bill will be taken from all the houses. It will be recovered as per holding tax. A minimum of Rs 40 and a maximum of Rs 150 will be charged in this. Four slabs have been fixed for this. On the basis of these slabs, the water bill will be taken from every house.

Let us tell you that there are 26 wards in the Municipal Council Banka. The work of tap-water scheme has been completed in all these wards. In this, two water towers have been built in ward number 10 and 12. In all the 26 wards of the city, a total of eight thousand houses have been given tap water connections. Out of this, connections have been given to 1,596 houses under PHED and 6,410 houses under Urban Drinking Water Scheme.

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Holding tax made basis

Holding tax has been made the basis for determining the water bill. The executive officer said that holding tax has been made the basis for charging drinking water charges for domestic use. Bill will be taken from those who have tap-water connection in their house and also have to pay holding tax. He told that the people of the city are not facing any shortage of water. Whether water is being supplied regularly or not, we monitor it ourselves.

Charges per month as per holding tax

Zero to 1,000 liters – Rs 40
Up to 1,001 -2,000 liters – Rs 65
Up to 2,001 – 3,000 liters – Rs 120
Up to 3,001 liters or more – Rs 150

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