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The people of this city are becoming devil worshippers, learning witchcraft, the truth here is scary!

Satanist town of united kingdom: In today’s era, when there is a debate about faith and superstition, then in developed countries like United Kingdom, if people start worshiping Satan, then it seems really creepy. However, in the census conducted there, it came to light that people in certain cities are abandoning traditional religion and adopting satanic religion and instead of worshiping God, they have started worshiping devil.

In Britain’s villages around Bungay and Suffolk, people are worshiping the devil and their religion is also called satanic religion. This trend has also increased rapidly here in the last few times, which is frightening. This place is being called the devil’s capital of United Kingdom because according to the census many people have adopted satanic religion at this historical place.

Hundreds of people became worshipers of Satan
A total of 8,500 people live in Bungay and the surrounding area of ​​Suffolk. According to the census of the year 2021, 70 of these people have become worshipers of the devil, that is, out of 120 people, one person is worshiping the devil. This is 100 percent more than the overall average of the United Kingdom. According to the mayor of the city, Tony Dawes, he himself is surprised at this because he has not met anyone who believes in Satan till date. Churches in the city are also running normally. In such a situation, he suspects that these people must have learned all this during the lockdown in Corona.

In Bungay and the surrounding area of ​​Suffolk, 70 people have become priests of Satan. (Credit-Shutterstock)

Why are people being devilish?
According to the report of the Daily Star, some local people say that the devil lives here in the form of a black dog, which is called Black Shak. He used to scare people around St. Mary’s Church during 1577. Although people related to the church deny that they have seen any devil here. Leaders of the Global Order of Satan UK say that their membership has increased by 200% in the last 5 years, which means that today’s generation is finding Christianity old and they are changing their way of worship.

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