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The petition filed regarding the inauguration of the new Parliament House was rejected, SC refused to interfere, said – impose a fine on you?

New Delhi: The Supreme Court refused to interfere in the PIL filed in the Supreme Court demanding the President to inaugurate the new Parliament Building. The Supreme Court rejected the petition filed regarding the inauguration of the Parliament House and clearly said that it is not the subject of the court. Justice JK is hearing the case in the Supreme Court. Maheshwari and Justice P.S. Narasimha’s bench said that this is not a matter in which the court should interfere.

In fact, while rejecting the petition, the Supreme Court asked the petitioner’s lawyer that why shouldn’t we impose a fine on your petition. This is not a matter of court from anywhere. The Supreme Court said that there is no basis for hearing this petition. Explain that a lawyer had filed this petition, in which it has been alleged that the Constitution has been violated by not inviting the President in the inauguration of the new Parliament House.

Beginning with havan-pujan, establishment of Sengol, then PM Modi’s address… know the complete details of the inauguration program of the new parliament

what was in the petition
A PIL was filed in the Supreme Court seeking a direction to the Lok Sabha Secretariat to get the new Parliament House inaugurated by President Draupadi Murmu, who is the ‘first citizen of the country and the head of this democratic institution’. It was said in the petition that the defendants—the Lok Sabha Secretariat and the Union of India—were insulting the President by not inviting him (the President) for the inauguration. Let us tell you that on May 28, there is a program to inaugurate the new Parliament House by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, about which the dispute is going on. About 20 opposition parties have decided to boycott the ceremony due to non-inauguration of the President.

who said what
In fact, on Wednesday, 19 political parties said in a joint statement that when the soul of democracy has been thrown out of Parliament, then we do not see any importance of a new building. At the same time, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) condemned this despicable decision. The parties involved in the ruling NDA said in a statement on Wednesday that this act was not only humiliating but against the democratic ethos of the great nation. And there is a gross insult to the constitutional values.

PM Modi had laid the foundation stone
Let us tell you that Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla recently met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and invited him to inaugurate the new Parliament House. PM Modi also laid the foundation stone of this building in 2020 and most of the opposition parties stayed away from this program at that time. This time also the opposition has made up its mind to boycott the programme.

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