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The problem of high uric acid is not like diabetes, the doctor told the difference between the two diseases


The problem of high uric acid can be completely eliminated through treatment.
Uric acid can also be controlled to a great extent by natural methods.

Diabetes Vs High Uric Acid: In today’s era, the number of patients of high uric acid is increasing rapidly. When the uric acid produced in our liver is not able to get out of the body due to some reason, it gets deposited in the small joints of the body. Due to this there is a problem of gout and kidney is also affected. In some cases, kidney stones are caused due to increased uric acid, and sometimes kidney failure also occurs. Many people consider uric acid to be an incurable disease like diabetes, but it is not so. It is not right to compare diabetes with high uric acid. Get to know the reality about this from the experts.

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Difference Between High Uric Acid and Diabetes

of New Delhi Dr. Amarendra Pathak, Senior Consultant, Urology Department, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital According to this, when the functioning of liver or kidney deteriorates in our body, then uric acid is not able to get out through urine. This increases the level of uric acid. On the other hand, in diabetes, insulin resistance is created in the body of the patients and the blood sugar level increases. Diabetes can be controlled through medicines, but this disease cannot be completely eliminated. Whereas the problem of uric acid can be completely eliminated through treatment. This can be considered the biggest difference between the two diseases.

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The problem of uric acid can be eradicated from the root

Dr. Amarendra Pathak says that if uric acid increases, if treatment is done in the beginning, then it can be easily controlled and eliminated from the root. When uric acid increases beyond the limit, then a long treatment is needed to eliminate it. The doctors gradually reduce the medicines of uric acid and when it is completely cured, then stop the medicines completely. However, the medicines should not be stopped without the advice of the doctor.

How to Control Uric Acid Naturally?

According to the doctor, uric acid can also be controlled in natural ways by making some changes in diet and lifestyle. First of all, people who have increased uric acid should stop consuming non-veg. Pulses should also be eaten at least. You should drink plenty of water. Apart from this, exercise should be done every day and should be physically active. Uric acid test should be done from time to time and there should be no negligence in taking medicines.

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