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The snake pounced to bite the cat with its mouth wide open, how did it dare

New Delhi: When the bowler throws the ball on the cricket field, then the batsman has to play the shot at the same speed at the exact place, if he misses even a little, he will be bowled. There are many such occasions in life too when similar retaliatory action is required. A video is viral on social media, in which the snake is seen lunging towards the cat. If you watch the video slowly, you will understand how fast the cat retaliated when the snake attacked. According to a report, the average reaction time of a cat is 20-70 milliseconds, which is faster than some snakes (44-70 milliseconds).

Actually, snakes have a habit of hunting. Some snakes wait patiently for their prey for a long time. They attack at the right time. However, when there is prey near the snake, they do not want to miss the opportunity. If the prey appears larger in size and strength, the snake compensates for it with its speed. Yes, the snake strikes so fast that the prey does not even get a chance to recover. A study was done in 2016 which showed how quick snakes are to attack prey.

You may not be able to understand from the figures. The average snake attack is between 44 and 70 milliseconds, while our eyelids blink in 200 milliseconds. Means a snake can kill four victims in the blink of an eye. We are very weak in front of the snake. Can’t move any part of the body so fast in response to his attack.

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Understand the difference between human vs snake in such a way that snake has more muscles than most animals. There are 700 to 800 muscles in the human body which control our movement. The rapid movement of a snake is made possible by its 10,000 to 15,000 muscles. This is the reason why the snake is seen striking hard in the viral video.

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By the way, the enmity of the snake cat is old. Snakes are also afraid of them. However, even snakes can kill a cat if they strike accurately.

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