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The spark that came out during take-off in the plane going from Delhi to Bangalore, was stopped on the runway itself.

New Delhi. Indigo flight to Bangalore landed at Delhi airport. A suspicious spark appeared on the plane. Following the incident, a complete emergency was declared at the capital’s IGI airport. A passenger uploaded a shocking video on Twitter in which sparks can be clearly seen during the flight.

So far, IndiGo has not issued an official statement regarding this incident. It is also not clear whether this flight could take off or not. In the past months, there have been incidents of technical faults in different aircraft.

ANI said that the cause of the incident is not yet known. According to the Delhi Police, the IndiGo flight was supposed to go from Delhi to Bangalore, but before it could take off, a spark came out in it, the incident happened at around 9.30 pm, after which it was stopped on the runway itself and then the fire was extinguished. All passengers are safe.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 28, 2022, 23:11 IST



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