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The thief started living in an empty house, used to sell goods to get intoxicated all night, was caught when…

Idukki. Thieves often follow their targets for several months. Then once a house or office is shortlisted, the robbers go through the entire plan to find out the routine of the occupants. Then prepare a foolproof plan of theft. However, a thief in Idukki district in the hilly region of Kerala went a step further in this matter. When he came to know that the owner of a house in Munnar lives elsewhere, he decided to spend a few days at this house. Instead of carrying valuables, he started selling household appliances from home for drugs.

According to a report in News18 Kerala, the accused Manikantan spent a few days like this at the house of a person named Balasubrahmanyam. It has been said in the report that he used to spread the clothes found in the cupboard on the floor to sleep. Then used to sell household appliances every day to buy liquor.

A mistake exposed the thief

It is being told that the thief was living easily. But his one mistake overshadowed him. accused manikantan Theft Used to go to sell LED television from the house he came to. Along the way, he attracted some unwanted attention from several locals. Then people started inquiring about him. Seeing his actions, started questioning him. Then the accused thief had no place to run. After this the accused was arrested by the police.

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According to media reports, Balasubrahmanyam, a resident of Munnar, had built a house in another area. His old house was damaged during the monsoon. Because of this, the family had to shift to another place leaving many household items behind. Balasubrahmanyam mostly did not come to this house. Accused Manikantan decided to take advantage of this. It is being told that the thief had entered the empty house from the roof of the toilet.

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