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The two men who jumped near the MP in the Lok Sabha, told what had happened

Image Source : INDIA TV
Maluk Nagar told what happened inside

New Delhi: A major case of security lapse has come to light inside the Lok Sabha. A young man and a woman sitting in the audience gallery in the Lok Sabha jumped down from the gallery and allegedly threw gas emitting material. According to the information received, two persons jumped near the seat of BSP MP Maluk Nagar. While talking to India TV, Malook Nagar told what happened inside. He said that when we went to catch him, he took out the shoe… then smoke started coming out of it.

Took something out of the shoe and it went up in smoke

Talking to India TV, BSP MP Malook Nagar said that the sound of something falling was heard from the audience gallery where his seat is. Saw that a person had fallen. Then in the meantime another person jumped from the audience gallery and jumped near his seat. He told that the people jumping near him were raising slogans like dictatorship will not work. As soon as we went near him he took off his shoe. Nagar said that at first I thought he was going to hit me with a shoe. Still we caught it. As soon as he caught hold of it, he took out something from inside the shoe. Some gas started coming out from inside it. There was smoke all around.

MPs beat up

Maluk Nagar told that the MP first beat up the two people who breached the security of the Parliament. After this, when the security personnel caught him, they also washed him thoroughly.

Should I tell you whether I could speak or not…such was the situation.

Maluk Nagar said that such was the situation in the Parliament premises that we did not even know whether we would be able to speak or not. Nagar said that on the 13th day of the attack on Parliament, there has been a security breach and there should be an investigation.

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