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The union which Congress opposes, the chief of the same was called by CM Bhupesh Baghel to Raipur, know why

New Delhi On the one hand, the Congress is constantly attacking the BJP and the Sangh, but from the same Congress, the Sarsangh driver of RSA was invited to see the temple. No one else but Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel gave this invitation to Sarsangh driver Mohan Bhagwat. It is interesting that a three-day coordination meeting of the Sangh was organized in Raipur, which was concluded on Monday itself. In this, all the big officers of the Sangh were present in Raipur. Bhagwat was invited by CM Bhupesh Baghel to visit Kaushalya Mata Temple at Chandrakhuri. After which on Tuesday, along with some other office bearers of Bhagwat Sangh, Kaushalya Mata reached the temple for darshan. He was accompanied by Dattatreya Hosabole.

It was told about this program that Mohan Bhagwat visited the temple as well as visited the courtyard. In this regard, CM Baghel said that I had invited Mohan Bhagwat ji to visit Mata Kaushalya temple. I am sure they must have felt a sense of peace upon reaching there. He must have realized the new form of the temple, the love of Maa Kaushalya, the power of Bhancha Ram. It is worth mentioning that Chandrakhuri is the birthplace of Mata Kaushalya, about 24 km from Raipur. Due to this it became the maternal grandmother of Shri Ram. The Kaushalya temple situated in the middle of the pond here is the only temple in the world.

This place is an important part of Ram’s Vanagman Marg, about which CM Baghel has been very excited. The restoration of this temple has been a part of his dream project. Last year, during the restoration of the temple, a 51 feet tall statue of Ram was also unveiled here.

Significantly, since coming to power, Baghel has been consistently taking the line of soft Hindutva. Through his schemes related to the cow dynasty and the Swami Atmanand School scheme started by the Congress government based on Indian culture, he is constantly trying to counter the BJP’s Hindutva take. It is noteworthy that the Baghel government first started the dung and cow urine procurement scheme there, while in the last few days, Baghel started the Chief Minister’s Govansh Mobile Medical Scheme there. In fact, Baghel wanted information about his government’s cow service and school schemes to reach Bhagwat as well. For this also he invited Bhavat.

CM Baghel said that we invite them to see Gauthan also, so that they can know about the service of Gau Mata, connecting them with productivity. On the other hand, if he also sees the magnificent school prepared under the Swami Atmanand School Scheme with Sanskrit compulsory subject, then he will also see a combination of education, culture, modernity here.



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