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The unique story of bird love: When the pet parrot is lost, the mistress left food and drink, got posters set up to find it


The matter is related to Narmadapuram city of MP
The mistress stopped eating and drinking after the parrot was lost
Parrot’s mistress has put up posters in the city to find him

Narmadapuram. You can get an idea of ​​how painful the separation of a pet animal is from a family of Narmadapuram in Madhya Pradesh. You will be surprised to see the condition of the family members due to missing a family pet parrot here. There is a family in Narmadapuram whose life is really settled in a parrot. Because this family even got its posters installed to find the missing parrot. Not only this, he has also announced a reward for the one who finds the parrot.

In fact, a pet parrot suddenly went missing from the house of Chitra Chakraborty, a resident of Narayan Nagar in Narmadapuram. The condition of the family worsened as soon as the parrot disappeared from the house. The mistress became ill after giving up eating and drinking. Due to this every effort is being made to bring him back home. To find their pet parrot, the family has even put up posters in the city.

Left food and drink after the parrot is lost
Chitra Chakraborty used to call her parrot as Radhe-Radhe and Babu Sona. The parrot had also become a member of his household. Chitra Chakraborty has not even eaten food properly for the last 4 days since the parrot went missing. Not only this, except for the preparation of Diwali, this family is busy in locating the parrot. This family made every effort to find the parrot but the parrot could not be found. To find the parrot, he talked to many people of his locality and city, but the parrot could not be found. Then to get his pet parrot back, he got the last option posters printed as well.

Announced a reward for the one who found the parrot
Chitra’s daughter Ayushi Chakraborty told that the mother’s health has deteriorated since the parrot’s disappearance. Because of this, Ayushi had to leave her studies from Bhopal and come home. The whole family is worried about his deteriorating health. That’s why the family is busy looking for Chitra’s favorite parrot, leaving the preparations for Diwali. Now the Chakraborty family has put up posters in the locality and the city. He has written in the poster that the person who finds the parrot will be rewarded.

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