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The Vial-India’s Vaccine Story: Why, when and how was it decided that India would make its own corona vaccine? PM Modi told

India’s fight against the Corona pandemic has inspired the whole world. From the World Health Organization (WH0) to all the influential personalities of the world have praised the leadership of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for conquering this unknown enemy. But hardly anyone has complete knowledge about the hard work and efforts made to win this battle. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had a detailed conversation on this issue in History TV18’s documentary ‘The Vial – India’s Vaccine Story’. He has explained when, how and why India decided that it should develop its own vaccine instead of depending on other countries.

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has shared Prime Minister Modi’s approach regarding prevention and security from the epidemic. He said, “The government allocated Rs 900 crore for research on the corona vaccine unconditionally. There was no pressure on scientists and vaccine makers to give positive results. PM Modi just wanted them to be confident and continue their research.”

Sharing his experiences on this issue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Now there were two options in front of us, should we wait for any country in the world to make a vaccine or should we also do a complete analysis of our genomic conditions and keep our countrymen in mind. Will develop the vaccine by keeping it. Only then will it be meaningful. That’s why we formed a task force of scientists and decided that we will make our own vaccine. Will invest whatever capital is needed for that.

He said, “We inspired the entrepreneurs of the country, assured them that you come forward, the government will hold your hand and provide financial help. India should make its own vaccine and for that the decision making process cannot run at the speed of files. It is necessary to make these decision processes very fast. Whole of the government approach is very important. So, we decided to talk to all the stakeholders, without being limited to the views of the people sitting inside the government, to solve hundreds of types of work, hundreds of problems at the same time.

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The Prime Minister further said, “It became clear to us in a few days that we will have to work on such a large canvas, on such a large scale. Work has to be done on these aspects. Once there was clarity, then we started empowering people. Started delegating power. He was given a direction to take a decision. From time to time, he kept on assessing the situations, chalking out strategies and got success in this by instilling confidence in the public.

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The PM said, “Today I am satisfied that we could vaccinate such a large population of the country within the time limit. We used technology a lot. Created a belief that yes only and only public interest is there. When the public felt that it was in their interest, it became a mass movement. I am also very satisfied and proud of the fact that the doctors of my country, the hospitals of my country, the scientists of my country have done that work. There was not even a single negative news about our indigenous vaccine, due to which the faith of my country would be shaken.

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