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Theater command will be discussed in the Combined Commanders’ Conference, a plan will be made in a three-day meeting

New Delhi: Integrated Theater Command will be discussed at the Combined Commanders’ Conference in Bhopal next week. According to sources, the issue will be discussed together with the commanders of all the three forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) and everyone’s opinion will be taken on the blueprint of the theater command that has been prepared so far. After the consent is made, it will then be sent for cabinet approval. The Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) is responsible for creating theater commands. At present there are 7 commands of the Indian Army, 7 of the Air Force and 3 of the Navy. All these have to be combined into a theater command.

All the commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force participate in the three-day Combined Commanders’ Conference. In this, there will also be talk on coordination between the three armies and formation of theater commands by merging different commands of the three armies. A senior officer said that the theater command’s blueprint is almost ready but the opinion of all the commanders will also be taken in this. The Air Force had objections in the blueprint that was prepared earlier, so a new blueprint has been prepared keeping everyone’s objections and suggestions in mind. The new theater command template will be discussed in the Combined Commanders’ Conference and then everyone’s views will also be known. later it

Will be sent to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS).

The need for theater commands for better coordination and better utilization of resources has been expressed for a long time. After the Kargil War, the Kargil Review Committee had also recommended creating the post of CDS as well as creating theater commands.

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