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There are not only two buttons in the toilet flush, the water supply company opened the secret behind it

Do You Know Fact: There are some things in our life that we see everyday but we do not know the reason behind it. For example, why is there a hole on the cap of the pen or why are there two buttons in the flush of the toilet? Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind putting two types of buttons in one flush (Two Flush Buttons on Toilets)?

A water supply company in the United Kingdom has found an answer to a question that must have come to your mind at one time or another. After all, do you know the answer to the question why toilet flush has two buttons? These buttons are known as Half Flush and Full Flush, the real reason for which has now been explained.

Why are there two buttons in the flush?
You must have heard many times by now that one button of the flush is used for less water and the other for more water. Now the largest water supply company in the United Kingdom has answered this very old question. According to a survey of water in the Thames, 50 percent of the people did not use the small button for a shorter flush. Even many people did not know that what is the difference between the two buttons? Thames Water Efficiency Manager Andrew Tucker told that people get confused in the middle because the design of toilets has also started coming in different types.

Why Use Small Flush
Every time we do not have to press the big flush button for toilet, where small flush can work, we should use it only. In the big flush, 6 liters of water is lost once, while in the short flush, half of this water is used. The company also told in its survey that water leaks often occur in push button toilets, which becomes a big reason for wastage of water.

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