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There will be a ruckus over liquor in Haryana, CM will be opposed in Panipat, people ready with black flags

Panipat. People are preparing to show black flags to CM Manohar Lal Khattar on August 15 in the district. In Sector 18, Panipat, the issue of removing the liquor contract is getting heated now. Now residents have warned that if the liquor contract is not removed from the sector, then on August 15, CM Manohar Lal Khattar will be shown black flags. The local residents came to meet the DETC of the Excise Department regarding this matter, although they did not get any satisfactory answer from the department.
It is worth noting that the local people have been sitting on a dharna for 21 days demanding the removal of the liquor contract. During this, MP Sanjay Bhatia also reached the spot to meet the people sitting on the dharna and assured the people of getting the contract removed.

shop in another market

During this, people said that the liquor shop can be shifted to another market in Sector 18 itself. People told that talks were made with many places and officials to remove the contract but they did not get any specific assurance. Now the local people have given an ultimatum to remove the contract before August 15, if this does not happen, then the residents of the sector have warned to show black flags to the Chief Minister of the state, Manohar Lal Khattar, who is reaching Panipat in the Independence Day program. Angry sector residents said that if the contract is not removed, then by stopping the convoy of CM Manohar Lal at Panipat toll plaza, the entire sector will come down on eighteen roads and show black flags.

officials did not respond

At the same time, when questions were asked to the officials in this regard, they did not give any answer. It is worth noting that people have been staging a sit-in for a long time to get the liquor contract removed from Sector 18. During this, the MP also assured the people of getting the contract removed, but even after 10 days, the liquor contract was not removed. Due to which now the residents of the sector have become angry and have warned the CM’s convoy to stop the demonstration.

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