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There will be jail for taking fake SIM, call-messages related to credit card and loan will be less.

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Telecommunication bill passed in Lok Sabha

New Delhi: Amidst the uproar over suspension of MPs, a very important bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday 20 December. Amidst the uproar and noise, the Lok Sabha on Wednesday approved the Telecommunication Bill, 2023, which was brought to make a new law by repealing the 138-year-old Telegraph Act in the country, in which spectrum allocation to satellite communication companies will be done administratively. Is proposed.

Bill sent to Rajya Sabha

After being passed in the Lok Sabha, it has now been sent to the Rajya Sabha. After passing here it will be sent to the President. If he signs this bill, there will be many big changes regarding telecommunication in the country. There is a provision in this bill that if a person buys a fake SIM, he can face 3 years of jail and a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh. Along with this, in this bill the companies have been asked to compulsorily do biometric identification of their customers before giving them SIM.

It will also be easy to get a license

Along with this, this bill will allow the government to take over, manage or suspend any telecom service or network for national security reasons. That is, if needed in a war-like situation, the government will be able to intercept messages on the telecom network. Along with this, many changes in the licensing system are proposed in this bill. Till now, companies had to get different licenses, permissions and registrations for different services, but now this will be reduced to a great extent.

There will be a reduction in promotional calls and messages.

Along with this, the biggest complaint of mobile consumers is regarding promotional calls. Often you too must be troubled by this problem every day. You may also be getting calls from time to time to take credit cards and loans. Now the government has made a provision in this bill to curb this problem. This bill states that before sending such promotional calls and messages, their consent will have to be taken. It also states that the company providing telecom services will have to create an online mechanism, so that users can lodge their complaints online.

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