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‘These are Modi’s men… kill them’, ED officer tells the story of the attack in Bengal

Image Source : INDIA TV
ED officer Rajkumar Ram told his ordeal

Kolkata: On January 5, the ED team that had arrived to raid the premises of Trinamool Congress leader Shahjahan Sheikh in Sandeshkhali in North 24 Parganas district was attacked by a mob. Three ED officers were seriously injured in this attack. His mobile, laptop and wallet were also looted. In this case, injured ED officer Rajkumar Ram has shared his entire ordeal with India TV. He told that the mob beat us saying that this is Modi’s man… beat him.

Had no idea that such an incident could happen

ED officer Rajkumar Ram was leading the operation. On January 5, his team along with a squad of CRPF jawans reached Shahjahan Sheikh’s office. He said, ‘Our unit was authorized to search the office of Shahjahan Sheikh. Had no idea that such an incident could happen. On reaching there, there were offices on the ground floor and first floor. When we called, a man came and opened the lock. When we reached the first floor, it was locked. The ground floor was open. We showed the letter. After this there was a female officer of the bank with us. He explained everything in Bengali. Then Shahjahan Sheikh’s man signed it.

CRPF vehicle vandalized

Rajkumar Ram further said, ‘Meanwhile our other team had gone to Shahjahan Sheikh’s house and that team was surrounded by people. After this a call came to the CRPF team present with us. Then two CRPF jawans stayed with my team and the rest of the jawans proceeded towards Shahjahan Sheikh’s house. But the mob stopped the CRPF vehicle and vandalized it. After this the entire crowd came towards us. The crowd was aggressive. We came out fearing that these people might set fire from outside if we pulled down the shutters inside. After this they started fighting with the people of our team. Some people from the crowd said that these people are Modi’s men… kill them. A stone was thrown on the head of our staff Somnath. He fell unconscious there. Our staff also tried to run away… There were two lady witnesses, they were also beaten up. There were only two CRPF jawans with us and they were not able to do anything. They said that they did not have permission to fire.

Mobile, laptop, bag snatched

ED officer Rajkumar Ram said- ‘I had given my bag to the junior officer. His bag and mobile were snatched away. They also snatched my mobile from my pocket. There were many official documents in the bag which were snatched. As soon as we came out of that market, the crowd hit a stone on my head. I was completely bleeding. We were being beaten by calling us Modi’s people. Meanwhile, some man from the crowd made us sit on a bike and told us to run away. A broken CRPF vehicle was found on the way. After this, after changing several vehicles, we reached the ED office in Salt Lake. Then we were admitted to the hospital. Rajkumar Ram said that such an incident never happened in the history of ED.

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