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‘Think what must be going through my heart’, Vice President’s allegation on Rahul and Congress

Image Source : SANSAD TV/PTI
Vice President Dhankhar expressed grief.

On Tuesday, there was once again an uproar in the country’s Parliament. Due to huge uproar, a large number of MPs have been suspended from both the houses in the last several days. However, things turned sour when Trinamool Congress MP Kalyan Banerjee insulted Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar by mimicking him outside the House. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was also making a video of mimicry during this time. Now Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar has expressed deep sorrow over this incident.

Big thing said to P Chidambaram

While adjourning the House, Vice President Dhankhar said, “You have no idea what kind of reaction people have against this institution and today we got a chance to see its lowest level.” He told Congress MP P Chidambaram that Mr. Chidambaram, you are a very senior member. Imagine what must be going through my heart.

Angry at Rahul Gandhi and Congress

Vice President Dhankhar told Chidambaram that one of your senior leaders, an MP, was doing a videography of making fun of the Speaker in which he was being personally attacked. The Vice President said that a senior member of Parliament is videotaping another member. Why? I tell you I have suffered greatly. He said that this is not just an insult to a farmer and a community, it is an insult to the post of Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. And that too by a member of a political party that has ruled for so long.

This is shameful- Vice President Dhankhar

Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, while targeting Congress, told Chidambaram that your party had posted a video on Instagram which was later removed, it is shameful. You have used the Twitter handle of the official spokesperson of the party to insult me, to insult me, to insult my background as a farmer, to insult my position as a Jat, to insult my position as Chairman. Used.

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