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This app of Uttarakhand Police is of great use, 10000 complaints received in 3 months, thousands resolved

Report – Pawan Singh Kunwar

Haldwani. The mobile app of Uttarakhand Police (Uttarakhand Police Mobile App) is proving to be very helpful for the public. The mobile app was launched on June 24, 2022. According to the data released for three months, till now more than 10 thousand complaints have been received by the police on this app, out of which more than half the complaints have been resolved. At the same time, many complaints were dismissed. Police investigation on the rest is on.

In Uttarakhand, now gradually the mobile app of the police is becoming the support of the public. Police officers claim that the police reaches you within 10 minutes of registering a complaint in the app. After which the investigation of the case is handed over to the concerned post or police station on the basis of the conversation and Tahrir with the complainant.

Uttarakhand Police is getting good response
Nilesh Anand Bharane, DIG of Kumaon Division said that now every conscious citizen is registering a complaint on the mobile app of Uttarakhand Police. Police is getting good response for this. The police team reaches the complainant within 10 minutes as soon as the complaint is received. This is the reason why more and more people are registering complaints on the Uttarakhand Police Mobile App.

App available on Google Play Store
DIG further said that you will easily find this app on Google Play Store. All you have to do is search the Uttarakhand Police Mobile App there. From there you can download it. In this, the Direct Emergency SOS number has been updated so that in case of emergency, the police can get the complaint as soon as possible and that problem can be resolved.

The people of the mountain lodged the highest number of complaints

Most of the people who filed complaints on the mobile app of Uttarakhand Police are from the hilly areas. Despite the network problem in the mountains, the people there are very aware and they are making good use of this facility of the police.

What complaints can I register on the Uttarakhand Police Mobile App?
1. If you are troubled by the traffic problem, then you can file a complaint on the Uttarakhand mobile app.
2. If there is a sudden accident somewhere, then you can inform the police through this mobile app.
3. You can take the help of this mobile app even if the car is stolen.
4. In cases of cyber crime, you can immediately inform the police on this mobile app.
5. You can also use this mobile app for verification.

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