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This is Android, keep it with you…thieves wanted iPhone, found Android so returned it

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News of mobile theft by snatchers and gangs of thieves often remains in the headlines but it is rare that the stolen goods are recovered. But an incident happened in America last month, in which a thief returned the stolen phone. Also, you will burst out laughing after knowing the reason given. In fact, two thieves politely returned an Android phone to the victims. The question is why did he do this?

The woman told the whole story

According to media reports, the thief suddenly realized that the phone he had snatched at gunpoint was not an iPhone. The thieves said they returned the stolen phone after seeing it because it was an Android smartphone and the thieves thought it would be an iPhone. According to ABC7 report, a woman told that as soon as she parked her car outside the house, two gunmen wearing masks came and snatched everything that was in her pockets. Also, the thieves snatched the phone of the woman’s husband, but as soon as they saw the phone, the thieves returned it. The thieves said, “Hey, this is an Android smartphone!” I do not need this. I thought it was an iPhone.”

Even after returning the phone, the woman said that this incident turned her life upside down. It has had a deep impact on our lives.

Why do people like iPhone?

Let us tell you that according to the current trend, most of the people are liking iPhone. The difference between iPhone and Android smartphones is that iPhone is more secure and has many unique features. The main difference is the operating system in both the smartphones, where iOS operating system is used in iPhone, whereas Google’s Android operating system is used in Android smartphones. The price of Android smartphones is lower than that of iOS.

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