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This is how Hema Malini praised Amit Shah in Akshay Kumar’s dialogue in Parliament and then…

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Hema Malini and Amit Shah

New Delhi: BJP MP and actress Hema Malini praised Home Minister Amit Shah in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday and, using words similar to a dialogue from an Akshay Kumar film, said, “Amit Shah does what he says and Whatever he doesn’t say, he definitely does it.” Even Amit Shah could not hide his laughter at this statement of Hema Malini. The BJP MP made this comment while participating in the discussion on the Indian Judicial (Second) Code 2023, the Indian Civil Defense (Second) Code 2023 and the Indian Evidence (Second) Bill 2023.

Akshay had said this dialogue in ‘Rowdy Rathod’

He said that after the three bills become law, the souls of criminals will start trembling. Hema Malini Said, “Amit Shah does what he says and (he) definitely does what he doesn’t say.” He did not mention any film, but Akshay Kumar did something like this in the film ‘Rowdy Rathore’. Dialogue was spoken. It was said in that film dialogue, “Whatever I say, I do, what I don’t say, I definitely do.”

Hema made this request to the Home Minister

Hema Malini urged the Home Minister and the government to amend the relevant law to stop cruelty against animals. He said, “Under the old law, there is a fine of Rs 50 in case of cruelty to animals. There is a need to change this law.” Hema Malini said that amendments should be brought in the law to make ‘animal cruelty-free India’. Participating in the discussion on the bill, BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur said that the earlier governments lacked willpower, but this government has brought this bill because of its willpower. He said that those who commit torture will be punished, this has also been provisioned in the bill.

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