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This is ‘solar powered house’, where electricity bill does not come even after running AC and fridge

The electricity bill of the flat of mechanical icon Manojit Mandal of Bankura, West Bengal remains zero. It is surprising that the flat has everything from AC to induction oven and kitchen chimney but the electricity consumption of Manojit Mandal is zero for the whole month. On the one hand, where other people are getting higher electricity bills at the end of the month, on the other hand, 3 to 3.5 thousand rupees are being saved every month from Manojit Mandal’s “modified solar powered flat” located in Bankura.

Manojit Mandal’s house

There is no such person who does not know Manojit Mandal, a resident of Katjuridanga in Bankura. Manojit Mandal has made a modified solar powered car and has impressed everyone. Manojit’s “magic car” runs 100 km in just Rs 35.
Solar powered houseNow, if you enter Manojit’s house from his garage, you will see a complete solar powered electrical structure. Every electrical machine or household appliance in the house runs entirely on solar energy.

A solar panel is installed on the roof above the fifth floor and DC current is being converted into AC current from the solar panel through an inverter installed in the balcony of Manojit’s flat. Manojit has spent two and a half lakh rupees to install this whole system in his house. After this one time investment, the electricity consumption of Manojit’s house has come down to almost zero.

Manojit Mandal says that anyone can install this setup in their home. Talking about his flat, Manojit says that “I have spent Rs 2.5 lakh to install this whole setup and I have been using it for five years. I have received my full amount value. Now my electricity cost is zero. If anyone else wants to install the same setup, they can do it very easily.”

Everyone knows that at present the whole world is facing energy crisis. Since fossil fuels are limited, the price of fossil fuels is bound to increase over time. On the other hand, global warming is caused by fossil fuels, so solar energy is the only way to solve the energy crisis in an environment-friendly manner.

This was the reason why Bankura Chemnojit Mandal chose solar energy. Every person has a responsibility towards the environment and due to keeping the environment in mind, Manojit’s pocket is no longer burdened with energy. Manojit Mandal is saving at least 35 to 40 thousand rupees in electricity bill every year.

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