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This is the complete horoscope of the accused who broke into the Parliament

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Four accused of breaking into Parliament security

Four people were immediately arrested for breaking into Parliament security. The incident took place when during the proceedings of the Lok Sabha, two people – Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D – jumped into the House from the audience gallery, raised slogans and spread yellow smoke through ‘canes’. Meanwhile, some MPs caught him. At the same time, two other accused – Amol Shinde and Neelam Devi – released colored smoke from ‘canes’ outside the Parliament complex and started raising slogans. Police said that this incident was planned by 6 people together and these four people are part of the same group. Therefore, now we will tell you the complete horoscope of these four arrested accused.

Neelam is MPhil and NET qualified

Neelam is the same accused who released color smoke outside the Parliament and started raising slogans as soon as her associates jumped inside the Parliament. Neelam has done not just a few but many degrees. Not only this, 42 year old Neelam remains active in different movements including the farmers’ movement. Along with this, she is also the founder of Progressive Youth Organization. Neelam is a resident of Ghaso Khurd, a village in Uchana in Jind, Haryana.

Neelam lived in Hisar and was preparing for Haryana Civil Services. Neelam’s younger brother Ramnaresh, who lives in Jind, told that she has qualified NET. Neelam has also done BA, MA, B.Ed, M.Ed, Stat, MPhil. Brother told that some time ago he had gone to Delhi for an interview in TGT but did not get the job. Neelam’s elder brother told that her father is a confectioner and both her brothers do milk work.

Manoranjan is an engineer, has good relations with MP Pratap

Manoranjan D is the same person who jumped into the House from the audience gallery. Manoranjan is 35 years old and unmarried. He is an engineer and his father is a farmer. Manoranjan’s father told that I did not know that he was in Delhi. He said that he has been a student leader in the college but it is not known which direction his ideology leans. Manoranjan’s father Devraj told that he had left home for Bangalore only four days ago. He has worked in an IT company in Bangalore. Father told that Manoranjan reads books, but especially reads Swami Vivekananda. Not only this, on the question of relations with MP Pratap Simha, the father said that Manoranjan and Pratap have good relations.

12th pass Sagar drives e-rickshaw

The second person to jump from the audience gallery of the Lok Sabha among the MPs is Sagar Sharma. Sagar lives in Ramnagar area of ​​Alambagh, Lucknow. He drives an e-rickshaw to earn his living. When Lucknow Police went to his house and interrogated them, they came to know that Sagar had also lived in Bangalore for two years. It is feared that Sagar and Manoranjan would be found in Bangalore only. Information has been received that Sagar is a native of Sohramau in Unnao district of UP. Sagar’s father is a carpenter. Sagar’s mother told that he had left home saying that he would join the protest. Sagar is only 12th pass. But family members told that they do not know what he does in Bangalore.

Amol was preparing for the army by working as a laborer.

Apart from Neelam, 25 year old Amol Shinde was also among those who left smoke cans and raised slogans outside the Parliament complex. He is a resident of Jari, Latur, Maharashtra. He has parents and two brothers, all of them work as labourers. Amol was preparing to join the army and used to work as a laborer to meet his expenses. Meanwhile, on December 9, he had left the house saying that he had joined the army.

It is noteworthy that a total of 6 people were involved in planning to breach the security of Parliament. Of these, 4 people are in the custody of the police and 2 people are absconding and the police do not have any detailed information about them.

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