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This is the oxygen of terrorism and a ‘poor’ conspiracy to destroy the country, do you know about the Pakistani drone caught in Amritsar?

New Delhi: Neighboring country Pakistan is not deterring its nefarious antics. At around 8:30 pm on Monday night, a quad-copter drone has been shot down in Chhana village of Amritsar region near the Indo-Pak border. Two heroin packets of 2.5 kg each have also been recovered along with the drone. This is the third incident on the same border in 4 days. A similar incident had come to light a day earlier on Sunday as well. In the last 9 months, 191 drones have entered India illegally from Pakistan.

BSF Commandant Ghanshyam Das said that the number of drones coming from Pakistan has increased. This is a new challenge for our soldiers. Last night our BSF jawans heard the sound of the drone and shot it down. Later a search operation was carried out in which 2 kg heroin was also seized along with the quad copter drone.

Know about this drone
The drone captured by BSF is called Quad Copter DJI Matrix. Drones of this series are used in mapping, investigation and survey. You have heard a lot about quadcopter drones but, do you know how it works. Let’s tell. This is a special kind of drone. It is a multirotor with 4 different types of wings. We call them rotors. These drones are operated by man but not on board. It is operated by remote control. Now out of these 4 rotors, 2 rotors work clockwise and the other 2 rotors work in anti-clockwise direction. Now this question must have arisen in your mind that why the four rotors of this quadcopter drone do not work in the same direction. In fact, if all the four rotors work in the same direction, then the flight of this drone cannot be controlled.

How does Pakistan use
Pakistan has been using this quadcopter drone in its own way. Pakistan does the work of delivering weapons or goods to terrorists with the help of this drone. Due to the small size of the drone, it is not easy to catch it in the air. Pakistan has been carrying out infiltration attempts with its help.

where is it most used
This particular type of drone is used for capturing videos or pictures, but it is most commonly used by the soldiers of the Indian Army. Army It is used for survey photography of complex terrains and for tracking cattle. The drone which has been caught near the Amritsar area near the Indo-Pak border has been used by Pakistan in a different way. He tries to make his nefarious plans successful but what to do our brave soldiers do not let him succeed.



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