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This mounted gun of India will give a befitting reply to the enemies, 48 ​​km firepower, perfect target


The technology of the ATAGS gun system is truck mounted.
The Indian Army will induct a total of 814 mounted guns.
The specialty of this gun is that it can fire 5 rounds in 60 seconds.

New Delhi. Since the war of Kargil, the Indian Army has been intensified preparations for the war to be fought in the high altitude area. Artillery guns were the most important in the plan of modernization of the army started in the year 1999, in which the target is to induct 2800 guns in the Indian Army by the year 2027. In this, guns of different calibers of 155 mm are to be taken. The special thing is that all the guns will be indigenous. Preparations have also intensified to include the Indian Mounted Gun System in the artillery on a priority basis. His glimpse was visible at the Defense Expo held in Gandhinagar.

Different types of mounted gun systems were present in this expo. But the guns designed and developed by DRDO are getting the most headlines. These guns have been prepared in collaboration with two private companies. The special thing is that the technology of 155 mm 52 caliber endaved tod artillery gun has been developed on the Tata truck and it has a maximum range of 48 km, which is more than any artillery gun in the world.

Firing 5 rounds in 60 seconds
Talking about the rate of fire, it can fire 5 rounds in 60 seconds. Mounted artillery gun means a cannon mounted on a vehicle. The biggest advantage of this type of gun is that whenever it is fired from an artillery gun in the event of war, it can easily locate the location of the enemy’s gun by the elevation of its round and then it can target with its guns. lets start. On the other hand, the mount gun can change its location immediately after firing once. That is, it is protected from enemy fire.

Can be easily fired continuously
The special thing about this gun system is that it is fully armed protection. Whenever a round is fired, its recoil means that the blow that comes after firing can be easily tolerated. Also, the crew sitting in the vehicle can easily fire continuously. This will prove to be a game changer on the battlefield. This gun is not hydraulic but fully electric. This can be deployed quickly.

Specially designed for high altitude areas
It is an all-mobility vehicle and specially designed for high altitude terrain. The Indian Army is preparing to induct a total of 814 Mounted Guns into its Artillery Regiment. During the dispute over the LAC between India and China, a large number of Vehicle Mounted Gun Systems were deployed in China. If we talk about the whole modernization process, then the Indian Army is in the process of including 1580 Toad Cannon, which is a vehicle-drawn artillery gun.

Army is being made powerful through weapons
Apart from this, K-9 Vajra has been procured in the form of 100 guns tracted self-propelled. Along with this, preparations are being made for the purchase of 100 more. With this, 180 wild self-propelled guns are to be included, while 145 ultra light howitzers have been purchased from America. In the year 1986, the 155 mm buffer gun was the only gun that has been included in the army as a long-range gun of the Indian Army for a long time. But this gun, which has been serving in the army for more than three decades, is now going to be retired. In such a situation, the indigenous gun Dhanush has been included in the army to replace it, while DRDO has also prepared ATAGS i.e. Advanced Toad Artillery Gun System.

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