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This powder will absorb the dampness from the walls of your house, Chaudhary Charan Singh University did a miracle! read full news


The chemistry department of Chaudhary Charan Singh University prepared the powder.
The claim is being made to completely absorb the dampness of the walls of the house.

Meerut. Soon there will be no need to buy expensive products from the market to avoid the dampness on the walls after various construction works including houses and shops. Sealing can be avoided at very low cost through re-dispersible powder developed in the Department of Chemistry of Chaudhary Charan Singh University Campus. This powder will not only be less toxic and cheaper than the market products but will be easily prepared in industrial units. This powder will be completely water resistant.

The powder method prepared by Assistant Professor Dr. Nazia Tarannum and Research Scholar Pooja has got the patent. Soon the process of type-up from various industries will start for its commercial production. According to Dr. Nazia, the above powder is prepared from various ingredients. Expensive catalysts and heavy metal components are used to manufacture the products in the market. This process is not only very expensive and lengthy but also has high toxicity.

According to Dr. Nazia, the powder has been prepared in the campus with a new method that does not require the use of expensive catalysts and heavy metal components. It can be prepared very easily at very low cost. Also, its toxicity is negligible. This powder is prepared by spray drawing process.

According to Dr. Nazia and Pooja, the construction industry will benefit greatly from this powder. Overall, this powder will cheaply absorb the dampness of the walls. The university has got a patent on the process of developing the powder itself.

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