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This village of Gujarat has the most different rules and regulations, cannot campaign

Gujarat Election 2022: For the assembly elections in Gujarat, the campaigning of political parties from village to city is going on in full swing. Rajsamadhiyala is a village in Rajkot district of Gujarat amidst the chaos and noise of elections. This village has a different rule. The head of this village has made different rules for his village. ABP News talked to the headman and people of this village. You will be surprised to know that rules have been made in this village that no matter what the elections are, no political party can come to the village for campaigning.

Village head Hardev Singh Jadeja told in a special conversation with ABP News that this village has made its own rules since 1983. Till date no political party has been able to come for campaigning in this village and there is also a rule of the village that it is necessary for every person of the village to cast their vote in the election. The person of the village who does not vote has to pay a fine of Rs.51.

The village has its own rules, which everyone follows

Ashok Bhai Ramani, a resident of Rajsamadhiyala village told that you will be surprised to know that no villager can do intoxicant in this village, it is completely banned and prohibition is applicable in the village. If a person sells or drinks liquor in the village, then the people of the village take strict action against him. This village has its own court, where the case is heard and the punishment is also fixed. The people of the village told that our village is very nice and wonderful, we are more happy in our village and we do not wish to go to the city.

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There is no ruckus about the election

There are many such villages in the country where quarrels and ruckus keep happening during and after the elections. Different political parties pressurize people to vote for election campaign and crowd in election campaign, which causes unrest, people of Rajsamadhiyala village say that we do not allow election campaign in our village. Different villages of the country should also learn from this village.

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