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This woman does bhajan-kirtan in the crematorium of Bhilwara, gives salvation to the wandering souls

Ravi Paik / Bhilwara. In Hinduism, the crematorium is the last stop of any person’s life. Here the dead body gets liberation, but many times the soul of a person remains entangled in between life and death. We never go back to the crematorium after lighting the fire to our dear ones. There is a woman in Bhilwara, Rajasthan who not only goes to the crematorium, but also sings bhajans and kirtans here for the salvation and peace of the souls of the dead. People are continuously connecting with this woman.

Rajwinder Kaur alias Karla Didi, a resident of Subhash Nagar in the city, says that a few years ago, due to some reason, I had become depressed. My mind was very disturbed because of which I went to the crematorium. There I saw that some people had come to perform the last rites of a person. But left without performing the last rites. Then a thought came to my mind that there are some people who do not get salvation even after death. So on the other hand, for some their relatives do many programs like satsang.

He told that then I thought why not go to the crematorium and conduct a satsang for the peace of the souls of people of all religions. I put this matter in front of my congregation. At first everyone made fun of me, but later Shanti Prakash Mehta understood the meaning of my words and tried to implement it. On January 5, 2019, our first Hari Kirtan was organized at Panchmukhi Moksha Dham in Bhilwara city. We have been doing Hari Kirtan continuously for the last four years in Moksha Dham. The main purpose behind this is that those people who do not get family after death, we do Hari Kirtan and Bhajan-Kirtan for the peace of their souls so that they can get salvation.

On the other hand, Zakir Hussain says where different types of talks are held in the whole country regarding Hindu Muslim. Together we do bhajan-kirtan in the crematorium. When Karla Didi spoke to us about this, it felt very good and we also supported her. There, Bhavani Shankar said that today is my wife’s death anniversary. Regarding this, I have got bhajan-kirtan done at Gandhi Nagar crematorium. Generally women somewhere, do men also shy away from going to the crematorium. But in the Bhajan Kirtan Satsang being organized here in Gandhinagar, women are also seen enjoying the bhajan-kirtan.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 03, 2023, 13:09 IST

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