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Those guilty of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination will go to jail again? Center to file review petition against Supreme Court order

New Delhi : The Central Government has decided to file a review petition against the acquittal of the convicts in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. In such a situation, the question is whether the culprits of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case will go inside the jail again? In fact, following the order of the Supreme Court, the six convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case were released on November 12 after spending three decades in jail. Among those released were four Sri Lankans as well as Nalini Sriharan and Ravichandran. The Supreme Court in 1999 confirmed the death sentence of Nalini, her husband Sriharan and two others. The Tamil Nadu government commuted Nalini’s death sentence to life imprisonment in 2000. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991 in a suicide blast at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

‘Known about Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination’
Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict S. Nalini, after her release, had said that she was not aware of the assassination attempt on the former prime minister. Nalini told media persons that she wanted to meet the family of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He said that he had no idea that Rajiv Gandhi was being assassinated. She was really saddened by the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

Nalini Sriharan and four other convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination released from Tamil Nadu jails, two are Sri Lankan nationals
Four released people will be sent to Sri Lanka
The order to deport the four recently released Sri Lankan convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case is expected in 10 days, all four are currently in a rehabilitation camp. As per the procedure, a message will be sent to the concerned country, according to Tiruchy District Collector M. Pradeep Kumar. The country will respond after verifying whether he is a citizen of it or not. Based on this, foreign nationals will be deported from India. He said the deportation order is likely to be received within 10 days.
Nalini Sriharan: There is no plan to meet anyone in the Gandhi family… said Nalini Sriharan after being released from jail
Sleeper cell active in Sri Lanka along with Tamil Nadu
The release of Rajiv Gandhi assassination convicts could become a trigger for revival of LTTE in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Police and agencies have expressed apprehension about this. Intelligence sources told the news agency that there are several LTTE sleeper cells in Tamil Nadu as well as Sri Lanka and the release of the convicts could increase their activity, as some former LTTE operatives still harbor Tamil national ambitions. Retired Professor of International Studies Dr. Annapurna Sundaresan said that Tamil nationalism and the Tamil movement did not start with the LTTE nor end with the LTTE.



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