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Those who make false promises and establish relationships by hiding their identity will not fare well, they will get strict punishment in the new law.

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On Wednesday, changes in IPC, CRPC and Evidence Act were discussed in the Lok Sabha on Indian Justice Code, Indian Civil Defense Code and Indian Evidence Act. And the Indian Judicial Code has also been passed. Home Minister Amit Shah responded in detail to these changes in the House. In the new laws, there is a provision for strict punishment in many cases like rape, treason etc. At the same time, now in the new law it has been said that action will be taken against those who establish relationships by making false promises.

Provision for strict punishment in sexual crimes

While discussing the Indian Judicial Code, Indian Civil Defense Code and Indian Evidence Act in the Lok Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah said that according to the new law, sexual intercourse by making false promises or concealing the identity will now come under the category of crime. Such people will get severe punishment. Apart from this, now the punishment for gang rape will be up to 20 years and for raping a minor, the punishment will be death or life imprisonment.

Hanging on mob lynching, terrorism also explained

Home Minister Amit Shah said that mob lynching is a disgusting crime and in this law we are making a provision for death penalty for the crime of mob lynching. He asked the opposition that you have also ruled the country for years, why did you not make a law against mob lynching? Amit Shah said that terrorism was not defined in any law till now. For the first time, now the Modi government is going to explain terrorism so that no one can take advantage of its shortcomings.

Punishment for hit and run, treason instead of treason

Home Minister Amit Shah told in the Lok Sabha that the black laws of the British like treason have been abolished. Sedition law has been brought in its place. Speaking against the country would be a crime. There will be jail for armed rebellion. Under the new law, the accused in a hit and run case will be sentenced to 10 years. At the same time, if the person causing the accident takes the injured person to the hospital, his punishment will be reduced.

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