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Thousands of crores of rupees were cheated across the country in the name of Ola electric scooter, 20 gang miscreants arrested

Ola E-Scooter Booking Fraud: Delhi Police has exposed the fraud business going on across the country in the name of electric scooters of Ola company. Police has arrested 20 miscreants of this gang. This gang used to trap people by creating a fake website of Ola and then used to collect thousands of rupees little by little on the pretext of booking. The police claim that in this way this gang has duped thousands of people of crores of rupees. This gang had made its bases in different states of the country. Let us inform that the booking of Ola’s electric scooter is done online only, taking advantage of this, this gang of thugs created a fake website similar to the name of Ola and started cheating people.

Transactions above Rs 5 crore from 25 bank accounts

DCP Devesh Mahala of Outer North district said that the cyber cell police station of the district received a complaint that people are being cheated in the name of Ola electric scooter. In this case, more than 1000 victims have been defrauded of crores of rupees. Police have so far arrested 20 people in raids in Bangalore, Gurugram and Patna in connection with the investigation of this forgery. Police seized 114 SIM cards, 60 mobile phones, 7 laptops from the accused. During the investigation, the matter of 25 bank accounts came to the fore, on which the transaction of Rs 5 crore was detected.

used to cheat like this

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According to the police, two accused of this gang designed a fake website of Ola Scooty while staying in Bangalore. This fake website was created exactly like the real website. After this, these people also got their fake website ranked in the search engine, so that if anyone searches in connection with Ola electric scooter, their website will come up. This gang used to target those people who used to come to this website during the search and inquire about Ola Scooty. As soon as someone opened this fake website and entered their details, both the accused sitting in Bangalore would share their details and their mobile numbers with their gang mates sitting in other states. After this, other gang members sitting in Telangana and Bihar used to call the victims asking them to transfer Rs 499 in the name of booking an Ola scooter. When the victim used to transfer Rs 499, then about 60 to 70 rupees were recovered from him in the name of insurance, tax and transportation charges of the scooter.

The gang was spread across the country

Outer North district DCP Devesh Mahla told that the district cyber crime police has busted the Ola electric scooter scam across India. Delhi Police has arrested 20 people while conducting raids in Bangalore, Telangana, Gurugram and Patna in connection with the investigation of this scam. All the accused were assigned different tasks or rather this gang had different modules and each module used to do its own work. There were gullible people at the target, who used to lose their hard earned money due to these thugs in the name of booking electric scooters.

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