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Three years wait for US visa! Foreign Ministry said – not yet talked to America

US Visa Update: The statement of the Ministry of External Affairs has come to the fore on the news that Indians have to wait three years to get US visa. The ministry has said that the matter has not been discussed with the US, but it is expected that a country’s visa system should be predictable and less time-consuming. According to media reports, those planning to visit the US on B1 (business) and B2 (tourist) visas will have to wait for about three years, and the waiting time for applicants in India is about 1,000 days.

When Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi was asked whether the matter has been discussed with the US, he said, “We want that visa arrangements should be simple when people want to go somewhere. This is our expectation. He said the matter has not been formally discussed because “we also would not want anyone to comment on our system.”

expect the waiting time to be reduced,

Bagchi said, “But we want the system to be predictable, simple and not time-consuming. We have spoken to the (US) embassy here, so they have said that they are taking steps to ensure that it does not take long. We expect the waiting time to be reduced.”

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Senior Embassy informed

Recently a senior embassy official said, “They should keep applying. Once the line starts and the waiting time reduces, they can extend their interview date without any fee. “Emergency appointments are available within days for applicants who meet the criteria.

The US State Department said in a tweet, we are committed to reducing wait times as quickly as possible. To address the growing backlog, the US is qualifying more applicants for interview waivers, sending drop box cases overseas for adjudication and acquiring temporary staff. While students get top priority during admission season, next on the list is expediting drop box cases for skilled workers.

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