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Tiger Bear Fight: Tiger clashed with bear in the forest, just think who will be heavy on whom

New Delhi: Lions and tigers are considered to be powerful animals in the jungle but the Corbett Tiger Reserve was an interesting sight to see. A tourist passing by recorded the scene of a tiger and bear fight in the camera. The 10 second video is viral on social media. It is seen that the bear is coming closer to the tiger. It looked like he was about to attack. Seeing himself vulnerable, the tiger roars at him. Tiger stands on two feet to make himself look bigger. The next moment the bear freezes in its place. After this the tiger also takes its place.

This exciting video has been seen by millions of people on social media. By the way, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the bear. A few months ago a video surfaced from Narmadapuram in Madhya Pradesh. It was seen in this that two tigers immediately ran away after seeing two bears. Tiger’s speed is fast but he did not look back. By the way, both animals have sharp claws. Both have strong body but there are two things due to which the tiger finds himself weak in front of the bear.

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Bears have big hair on their body. With this he can escape from the attack of the tiger. Another big thing, the bear can also climb the tree but not the tiger at all. Can stand on both front legs. Tiger can easily make its prey by killing a bear cub. However, even the sturdy Bear Baby can give a good fight to Tiger.

It is generally believed that bears do not consider tigers as their prey, but do not leave even if the mood changes. Tiger can be overwhelming in a hurry. In such a situation, if he caught hold of the bear’s neck, then his death is certain. Yes, one more thing. If a lion or tiger attacks from ambush, then the bear can be easily hunted. Tiger’s jump is fatal.

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