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To end anti-incumbency, Gehlot is spinning ‘magic spell’ to make everyone happy


Emphasis on religious tourism with the development of many temples in the state to counter the BJP’s Hindutva issue
Breathtaking announcements for youth and women and efforts to help castes by creating new boards and corporations
Gifts of free electricity and subsidy to all the farmers to save them from the allegation that there is no loan waiver

H. Malik

Jaipur. The practice of ousting the ruling party has been going on for three decades in the politics of Rajasthan. Amidst the political feud between Sachin Pilot, CM Gehlot is trying hard to change this practice this time. For this, he is not even giving a chance to the public to speak the dialogue of ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’. The latest example is of districts, people were expecting 8-9 districts and for the first time in the history of Rajasthan, they made 19 new districts together.

Both CM Gehlot and Pilot claim to repeat the government this time. But Gehlot knows that this is not possible without winning the hearts of the people, without making them happy, without solving their problems.

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Gehlot engaged in capitalizing on the opportunity, one lakh recruitments
That’s why CM is busy in creating opportunities and capitalizing on them. The annual budget is an opportunity to woo the public. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tried not once, but thrice to woo the public through the last budget of this term. First when the populist budget was presented. In the budget reply, Gehlot announced that one lakh new recruitments will be done on government posts in the state. At the same time, the CM also announced to increase the scope of the Chiranjeevi scheme. During the budget session for the third time, in response to the Finance and Appropriation Bill, the CM surprised everyone by announcing the creation of 19 new districts and three divisions at once.

Even today, here in Rajasthan is kept the cannon which fired the sixes of the British in the revolution of 1857, know the details

Surprised by announcing 19 districts simultaneously
The term of the Ramlubhaya Committee formed for the formation of new districts was extended this month. Then there was a discussion in the political circles that the announcement of new districts has been postponed, but something else was going on in the heart of the CM. According to sources, this committee had recommended making 8-9 districts and Sikar a division, but due to social engineering and political pressure, the CM announced 19 districts. Gehlot filled his bag, but by breaking Jaipur-Jodhpur, he also created those districts, which were neither needed nor demanded by anyone.

2000 units free electricity, subsidy to farmers
Farmer class plays a big role in the elections in the state. The BJP is constantly besieging the Gehlot government on the issue of loan waiver for farmers. In fact, according to Rahul’s promise, Gehlot has not been able to waive off the loans of all the farmers. Their displeasure should not turn into anti-incumbency, so farmers were enticed by announcing 2000 units of free electricity in the budget. Farmers will get 5 percent interest subsidy for building houses. Other announcements have also been made like giving 40 thousand rupees to the milch cows that died in the Lumpi epidemic.

Full focus is on half the population of the state
According to the new figures of the Election Commission, now the number of women voters in the state has increased to 2.46 crore. Means women voters have increased by 2.52 percent. To improve the image of his government among women voters, Gehlot is constantly announcing schemes related to women. Gehlot has announced to give 40 lakh smart phones free of cost to the women-students of the families involved in the Chiranjeevi scheme. Be it the announcement of cylinders for Rs 500 to women associated with Ujjwala or half the bus fare for half the population in government buses, Gehlot’s focus is on women voters.

Streamlined castes by creating new board-corporations
Gehlot has full focus on social engineering before the elections. To help castes, they are doing social engineering by forming board-corporation. Veer Tejaji Board has been formed to woo the Jats. Even a few months ago, Gehlot had approved the proposal to form 3 new boards. These include Rajasthan Leather Craft Development Board, Rajasthan State Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Board and Rajasthan State Rajak (Dhobi) Welfare Board. These boards are important for helping SC and OBC.

This step to cut the Hindutva issue of BJP
To cut the issue of BJP’s Hindutva, many announcements have been made for the development of major temples and promotion of religious tourism. Under this, along with development of Jaipur’s Govind Devji temple on the lines of Ujjain’s Mahakal temple, it has been announced to spend Rs 100 crore on Beneshwar Dham. The announcement of setting up Pushkar Development Authority for the development of Tirtharaj Pushkar also has special significance. Apart from this, DPR will be made for the development of Khatushyam ji, Salasar, Tripura Sundari, Karni Mata, Kailadevi, Mehandipur Balaji, Ramdevra Temple, Khole Ke Hanuman, Veer Tejaji Temple, Sanwalia Temple. The BJP has been accusing the Congress government of breaking temples, banning processions on the day of Ram Navami.

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