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Tornado devastation in America: Hail fell with storm, 23 killed, many missing

America. There is news of major devastation and loss of life in the southeastern US state of Mississippi. 23 people died here and many were injured in the fierce tornado and strong storm that came late on Friday night. An increase in the number of dead is being estimated here. Hail as big as golf balls have fallen in this area with heavy rains. Many people are feared to be buried in the buildings destroyed due to Tornado. There has been a power failure in many areas due to the storm.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said on Twitter on Saturday that at least 23 people had died and dozens were injured. The agency said that four others are reported missing. According to the BBC report, the speed of the tornado was so fast that due to this, the debris spread in the devastated area flew up to 30 thousand feet. Mississippi Mayor Tate Reeves told that rescue operation is being conducted in the affected area. Most of the devastation has happened in the Rolling Fork town of Mississippi. More than half of the town has been completely destroyed.

In the southeastern US state of Mississippi, 23 people died and many went missing due to severe storms. (Photo AFP)

Devastation often comes from the collision of cold and hot air
According to media reports, there was no electricity in more than 1.4 million homes and industries due to the severe thunderstorm. Continuous work is being done to ensure that electricity does not continue to be interrupted. According to meteorologists, dangerous storms often occur in the South America during the winter months, as warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico rises and collides with cooler air.

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Many people are feared to be buried in the buildings destroyed due to Tornado. (AFP)

161 died in the storm in 2011
Food and drinking water are being provided to the affected areas. Administrative teams are also engaged in search of missing people. The tornado that came on Friday reminded people of the 2011 storm in which 161 people died.

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