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Trains will no longer be late in fog: will run on time, railways will take this big step, know everything


Railways will use anti fog device
Railways have identified the rail sections with high fog
With this device it is easy to control the speed of the vehicle.

Jaipur. Trains often get late due to fog in winter. Due to this, where the railway traffic operation is affected, the passengers also have to face many problems. But this time North Western Railway has prepared a big plan to get rid of the problem of trains getting late due to fog. Now it is being implemented. After that it is expected that trains will not be canceled due to fog. At the same time, accidents on the railway track due to fog will get relief to some extent. For this, Railways will now use anti fog device.

Dozens of trains are canceled every year due to fog in the winter season. But this time NWR wants that due to fog, it should affect at least the trains. For this, the Railways has already made complete preparations. Anti fog device will be used to get rid of the fog problem. It will not let the visibility drop to zero even in dense fog.

Jaipur and Bikaner division is more affected
Rail traffic is often affected due to fog in the winter season in North India. Its effect is most visible on the trains passing through Jaipur and Bikaner division of North Western Railway. This time the Railways is making special arrangements for the safe operation of rail services in heavy foggy rail sections. In this, guidelines have been issued by the concerned Department Engineering, Signal and Telecommunication, Electrical, Mechanical, Operational and Safety Department for safe rail operation under any circumstances.

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Fog-prone railway sections have been identified
North Western Railway’s CPRO Captain Shashi Kiran said that fog-prone railway sections have been identified in the North Western Railway. Availability of Visibility Test Objects (VTOs) is being ensured at all fog affected stations. Visibility at stations is checked using visibility test objects. Along with this, fog safety devices are being provided to the loco pilots of all the train services running in dense fog.

It is easy to control the speed of the vehicle
The CPRO said that a total of 877 fog safety devices are available in the entire North Western Railway. In all these, GPS mapping of the haze/fog rail section has been done. The fog safety device is mounted on the engine. After the device is turned on, it keeps the loco pilot informed about the distance from the GPS system to all the signals located in that segment in advance. This makes it easy for the loco pilot to control the speed of his vehicle.

Rail track monitoring has been enhanced
The loco pilots are being re-painting and colored with bright sign boards to ensure proper visibility of signals and other indicators. Apart from this, monitoring of the track has been enhanced by increasing the frequency of patrolling in such sections. This time NWR has decided that trains will not be canceled due to fog. However, the results of this preparation will be revealed only when the trains pass through dense fog.

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