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Traveled from Kerala to Mecca on foot for Haj, everyone should read this story of stubbornness and passion

New Delhi: You must have heard this dialogue from the movie Om Shanti Om that if you desire something from your heart, then the whole universe tries to make you meet it. Something similar happened with this person from Kerala. One day he had decided in his mind that he would travel from Kerala to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He has decided this journey not by any of his car, bus or train but on foot. Sihab Chhottur of Kerala took 370 days to reach Mecca. During this he covered a distance of 8640 kms. His journey on foot from Kerala to Mecca via Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait is really no less than a surprise for many people. Sihab started his journey on June 2 last year which ended on June this year. Sihab has reached Mecca for Hajj.

Where is Sihab from?
Sihab Chhottur is a resident of Mallapuram, Kerala. Last year in the month of June 2022, he decided that he would travel from his kingdom to Mecca in Saudi Arabia on foot. After this the journey of Sihab started. The journey that they had to cover on foot. People get tired after walking a short distance. But, Sihab was determined that no matter how difficult it would be to achieve this milestone, he would overcome it all. During his journey on foot, Sihab reached Pakistan as soon as he left India. Crossed the border of Saudi Arabia from Pakistan via Iran, Iraq and Kuwait in the second week of May.

What did Sihab do when he reached Saudi Arabia?

Sihab Chhottur first went to Madina as soon as he reached Saudi Arabia. The same Madina which is called the holy religious place of Muslims. Here Sihab spent 21 days after which he left for Mecca. Sihab covered a distance of 440 kilometers from Madinah to Mecca. It took him 9 days. After reaching Mecca, Sihab has to perform Hajj with his mother Zainiba. Please tell that Sihab also runs his own YouTube channel, in which he used to give daily updates about his journey.

What happened to Sihab when he reached Pakistan?
The journey from Kerala to Mecca was not an easy one for Sihab. Pakistani officials stopped him as soon as he crossed the Wagah border. Sihab did not have a visa due to which he was stopped. After this, he also had to wait for months for a visa at a school in Wagah. After this, he got a visa in the month of February this year, after which his journey to Mecca started again.

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