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TTE was talking on the platform, suddenly the high tension wire fell on his head, video of the accident will shake your heart


Heartbreaking video of the accident went viral on social media
High tension wire fell on TTE standing on platform
Social media user shared the video of the accident

A heart-wrenching video is going viral on social media. Seeing this, users are instructing people to be alert at the railway station. In fact, on the platform of the railway station, the high tension electric wire breaks and falls at Khed TTE. This person gets a strong electric shock and falls down from the platform. After the accident, the person standing next to him starts running away in fear. It is being claimed that the video going viral is from Kharagpur railway station in West Bengal. A social media user named Ananth Rupanagudi has shared this shocking video on his Twitter account.

In the video going viral on social media, two TTEs are seen standing and talking on the platform of the railway station. After some time, suddenly the wire of the high tension line breaks and falls on the head of a TTE. After this, he gets an electric shock and he falls down.

Railway official shared the video
This viral video has been shared by a railway official named Anankh Rupangudi on his Twitter wall. Video TTE is seen standing on the platform talking with his partner. Then suddenly the electric wire falls on them. He gets electrocuted and falls on the railway track.

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