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Two brothers killed the third brother, decorated pyre in the courtyard of the house, then fled

Raigarh. Two brothers together killed the third. Then to dispose of the dead body, a funeral pyre was lit in the courtyard of the house itself and tried to burn it. However, he could not do so and then absconded. The case is of Raigarh in Chhattisgarh. Police has arrested both the accused.

According to the information, this incident has come under Jute Mill police station area of ​​Raigarh district. Two brothers together killed their real brother in a money dispute, to hide their crime, the accused first killed the young man and then burnt the cloth sack and kerosene in the courtyard of the house to hide the dead body. tried. But he could not succeed in burning the dead body.

the three brothers lived together

Giving information about the matter, Raigarh Additional SP Sanjay Mahadeva told that all the three brothers used to live together. Two brothers started fighting with their deceased brother over money and when he died, both the accused tried to burn the dead body in their own house for the purpose of disposing of it. When they failed to burn the dead body and then both fled.

Absconded from where Dabish was given

The accused were arrested after questioning the neighbors and on the informant’s information about the youth. To nab the accused, the police continuously raided several places from where the accused used to escape. Police arrested both and is taking further action. Right now people can after the incident.

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